The goal of Windham Crossing Learning Center is to provide ‘Excellence’ in all areas.  The WCLC philosophy is ‘whole child’ centered and ‘faith-based’.  Our children are supported spiritually, intellectually, socially and emotionally.  The WCLC learning environment is ‘inclusive’ to all abilities and levels. 

 All teachers at WCLC are New Hampshire State approved and experienced.   WCLC teachers are flexible, engaged, reflective, and carry high expectations.  Our environment is dynamic and affirming, supportive and innovative.  WCLC staff maintain ongoing and consistent communication with parents and students alike. 

Daily prayer is an integral part of life at WCLC.  Students and staff alike are encouraged to walk daily with the Lord.  We are here to ‘serve’ you and your child by offering our best on a daily.

WCLC offers a unique, supportive, goal-setting education in which our students feel safe and secure within a structured and loving Christian environment.  Excellence in education is our goal.  We attain this goal through ‘authentic modeling’, proactive responses towards behavior management, daily communication, and effective goal setting.  Our students are encouraged to be actively engaged, inquisitive and creative.

Infant/Toddler (6 wks. Through 35 months)

Children in our Infant/Toddler program are encouraged to develop oral language, listening skills and gross/fine motor ability.  Relationship building, sensory exploration, self-help skills and independence are an integral part of this program.

Pre-School (3 years)

Our Nursery Program concentrates on individual growth in sharing, cooperating, listening and independence.  Academically, we introduce science, art, music, reading, listening, and writing.  At this level, students are actively engaged in PE, music, art, language, dramatic play and social studies.

We offer Monthly Thematic units including those depicting famous authors, holidays, Bible heroes, citizenship and seasons.

Pre-Kindergarten /Kindergarten

The Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs provide students a ‘literacy’ rich environment.  NH State Standards in Reading and Math will be addressed in the Kindergarten classroom.  

Phonemic awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Accuracy/Fluency and Comprehension are all necessary components in becoming a ‘Reader’.  These skills are introduced and developed according to each child’s specific ability.  In the area of Writing, Students learn the basics of organizing thoughts, writing drafts and completing edited ‘masterpieces’.  

Math and science are integral parts of this dynamic experience offering ‘tangible’ ways to relate to numbers and the scientific world around us.  We foster independence, cooperation, a sense of personal accomplishment, self-monitoring skills and social awareness.  Students also participate in language (French/ Spanish/Signing), music, art and PE.